introducing derma rolling


forehead before and after one month of derma rolling

Derma-rolling (aka micro-needling) has been catching my attention a LOT lately. I have never been able to take the leap in to using botox. I am just too scared of the toxins, or the unfortunately aftermath of too much botox I see becoming more and more prevalent (the perma-look of surprise and the over pointed/arched brow is just too tell-tale evident for my personal taste).

But,like everyone else out there, I am also not a fan of wrinkles and lines. Particularly the single deep prevalent crevice traveling across my forehead. I am happy in my 40's and probably the most confident I have been in my skin than at any other time in my life. But if I can do a few natural steps to hep stave off the evidence of a youth spent in the sun and previous life in NYC staying up to late and running around the city like it was my personal playground - I will. Enter derma-rolling.

I reviewed different devices, and after thoroughly researching, believe that the derma-roller from Stacked would be the correct one to trial. 

The most important factor in derma-rolling is the needle size. Needle size can vary from .25mm to 1 mm. Kerry Benjamin, esthetician, spa owner and founder of Stacked created one with the minimally invasive .25mm. Needle sizes larger than this can cause more serious skin trauma and bleeding. We believe that level of treatment should be done under the care of a dermatologist, so will only ever carry .25mm roller.

The second most important factor in derma-rolling is the serum you use to facilitate the collagen production, cell turn over and hyper pigmentation reduction. HIGHLY active and Vitamin C serums may be too strong - make sure to spot test whatever serum you plan to use before applying to whole face. For the purpose of this blog post - I personally primed with the Indie Lee Swiss Apple Serum, rolled my forehead (I have rosacea so avoided my cheeks), and then followed up with the Indie Lee Squalane Oil. But there are a multitude of amazing oils that can be used. We will link to those below.

After one month - my results were noticeable. Are my lines erased? No. But the are SO much less prevalent. Above are my before and after pictures. Un retouched. I tried to take them in the same position so to show the truest results. I am officially a convert!

stacked skincare derma roller

Stacked Derma-Roller $30


indie lee swiss apple serum

Indie Lee Swiss Apple Serum $130


suki radical results youth serum

Suki Radical Results Youth Serum $50.95


mun aknari brightening youth serum

MUN Aknari Brightening Youth Serum $95.00



- my results may not be typical.

- consult your doctor before using.

- spot test the derma roller with your serum before using. 







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