royal worthy beauty

Beauty Essentials fit for Royalty

I'm Naked, I'm Naked 8 free polish from Aila. neutral nails are a go-to for brides, maids, and guests alike. we love this taupe from aila as it suits all skin tones and dress colors.

anti-aging and moisturizing sheet mask from orgaid. sheet masks are a must before a big event. apply one after cleansing and leave on for up to an hour to deeply moisturize, plump, and calm skin.

I create lift from innersense. add texture, boost volume, define curls, and impart shine with this lightweight styling foam! can be used on wet or dry hair which makes it a versatile styling essential for any big day!

rose diamonds lip exfoliator from Henné. smooth lips with this rose diamond lip exfoliator that is made with sugar and luxurious rose oil. it may not be a diamond tiara but it's still fit for royalty.

active enzyme exfoliator from josh rosebrook. the key to bright, clear, makeup ready skin? exfoliation! josh rosebrook's uses both physical and chemical exfoliants to brighten and transform skin to create a perfect base for a flawless look.

the brides tinted lip conditioner from ilia. it's all in the name. ilia's peachy neutral shade perfectly compliments any bridal look and finishes with a hydrating, satin sheen.


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