#tipofthedaytuesday 4 tips to choosing the right oil

#TipoftheDayTuesday - Choose the Right Facial Oil!

If you’d have asked me if I would use a facial oil a few years I would have given you a look of mild horror and rushed to answer, “No!” However this morning I mixed three and generously slathered them all over my face. Facial oils have slowly but surely made their way to the beauty scene and will only continue their takeover. Below I’ve listed a few tips to help you choose the right facial oil for your skin to get the most out of their benefits!

4 tips to choosing the right oil: 1. identify your skin type 2. look for key ingredient 3. choose some problem solvers 4. make a cocktail

  1. First identify your skin type. Oily, dry, acne-prone, aging or a combination of some; all of these can benefit from a facial oil but the trick choosing an oil that will work with your skin type.
  1. Next we get to what to actually look for. If you are dry look for oils that are made with avocado, coconut, and almond oils. Oilier? You’ll want a “dry finish” oil like grapeseed, rosehip, or sunflower.
  1. After choosing which oils are good for your skin type, look for blends that will help with any skin issues you have. Black raspberry for elasticity, tamanu to heal scars, wild rose to heal, carrot seed oil for SPF, etc.
  1. After all this it’s pretty evident that one oil does not fix all. Find a blend, make one yourself, or blend your blends. The Kypris system is built on the idea of creating your own custom cocktail for whatever your skin needs in the moment. At AILLEA we carry oils for all skin types so it’s easy to mix and match for create your perfect skin solution.


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