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    #TipoftheDayTuesday: How to Layer Skincare Products

    There are so many lotions, emulsions, sprays, creams, and gels in the beauty world, we wouldn't judge you if you got a little overwhelmed. Correctly layering skincare products is extremely important to get the benefits of each and the results you crave. Below we've created a handy graphic displaying the five basic steps to a skincare routine. Any questions regarding where your products fit? Feel free to comment below and we'll put our brains to work! 

    How to Layer Skincare Products: 1. cleanser, 2. toner, 3. targeted treatment, 4. eye care, 5. moisturizer and spf

    Some products have multiple uses. Some serums are moisturizing enough and so for day wear simply add a lightweight SPF to make sure you have that UV protection and don't worry about step 5 at night!

    Note: Retinol treatments like Kypris Moonlight Catalyst should only be used at night (Step 3), and be sure to apply UV protection every morning! 

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