new dry shampoo from rahua

NEW Dry Shampoo!

Worry not my hair washing avoiders, we finally have a solution for you! If you’re like me and washing your hair is a traumatic loss of a good hairstyle then you live off dry shampoo. Rahua just launched their non-aerosol Volumizing Dry Shampoo and it’s AMAZING. It’s made with Cassava Root, Clay, and Star Anise to refresh your scalp (what an awful word) and absorb oil. It smells like vanilla icing and powdered sugar – it’s like dessert for your hair. What I LOVE is that it blends into dark roots and doesn’t leave them looking gray. I like to spray it on my roots, flip my hair upside down, and rub it all in to give my hair some of it’s oomph back.


The bottle is unique in that you squeeze the bottle to get the product out and don’t push down the top. After I figured that little bit out because who reads directions I gave the bottle a gently squeeze and was showered with powdery goodness. Shake, spray, blend, finish with some Voluminous Spray for light hold, and you’re ready for the day!


rahua voluminous dry shampoo

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