#featurefriday tea tree oil benefits

#FeatureFriday - Tea Tree Oil

TBH I was inspired to write this post because of an earlier conversation I had with my boyfriend. He asked me to make him a deodorizing spray he could use after working out...I'll spare you details. I immediately thought of tea tree oil. It's an amazing do-it-all oil with antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral (the list goes on) properties. It's really good for treating itchy scalp and skin conditions, treating acne, healing cuts, wounds, and abrasions, and its lovely in a bath for its strong clarifying scent. And so what better than to dedicate a Feature Friday to this lovely ingredient! You can find it in a number of the products we carry and I've listed some down below for your shopping ease. Enjoy! 

tea tree oil benefits: oil that is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree. referred to as "medicine in a bottle" because of its antiseptic properties. great for cuts, acne, scalp conditions, and helps heal skin that has been burned or wounded. has natural soothing, cleansing, and detoxifying properties.


 Suki Skincare Concentrate Clarifying Toner 

Suki Skincare Transformative Purifying Masque

Mullein and Sparrow Detoxifying Bath Salts

Kypris Clearing Serum 

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