#TipoftheDayTuesday - Tips to Treat Yourself

Posted on 26 April 2016

Sometimes we're so busy taking care of others and our daily responsibilities that we forget to stop and reward ourselves. So many times women come in looking for a little something to change up their day to day routine, a little treasure. I realized that we're all looking for this little thing that will, for that day, change our lives. However, rewarding ourselves with a three day spontaneous trip to Mexico is not always realistic. Getting a new lipstick? Totally feasible! And so I've put together some tips on how you can give yourself a pat on the back for great job you're doing. 


 1. Try out a new lip color! This is often times the most simple and most rewarding I see. Go for a fuchsia that you might usually skip over. Try out a deep dark red. Whatever it is, you'll appreciate the update in your smile. Try Ilia for 12 shades of amazing colors and RMS for glossy pops.

2. You're amazing and you know it so why not flaunt it? Gold can be a tricky color to incorporate in your makeup routine outside of eyeshadow (this one from W3LL People is stunning!) so take our word on this! Try a gold lip gloss like this one from Ilia or this one from W3LL People to add a little hint of depth and sparkle to your usual color - even if you just swipe it over plain lips! 

3. The last time is for those with some time and a bathtub. Take a bath. Sit down with Netflix (Making a Murderer anyone?!) or a good book or magazine and just soak for a bit. We have amazing bath salts from Mullein and Sparrow that come in a variety of scents. They're great for relaxing muscles, soothing nerves and headaches, and calming your senses. For added bonus drop in a bit of your favorite body oil - your skin will feel amazingly soft and look incredible! 

Any of you have any favorite ways to treat yourself? Share below! 

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