you detox your body, now detox your makeup bag

You Detox Your Body, Now Detox Your Makeup Bag

you detox your body, now detox your makeup bag

Detoxing your makeup bag can be as therapeutic as a juice cleanse—and it’s probably easier to do—especially at clean beauty mecca Aillea, which recently opened in Buckhead. Shop owner Kathryn Murray Dickinson believes it’s tempting to focus on clean eating but neglect skincare, so her store focuses on brands that offer eco- and health-conscious products. To ease into a beauty detox, don’t overhaul all of your beauty arsenal all at once. As you run out of products, find green replacements. Dickinson also suggests applying a little beauty math. “If our skin is absorbing this stuff, start with large body surface products like body washes, shampoos, and moisturizers. Then, move on to your foundation and mascara, and work toward things like your eyeshadows.”


Kypris Moonlight Catalyst Skin Revitalizer
This is a great herbal alternative to traditional retinoid skincare products to help even skin tone. $77


Lily Lolo Black Natural Mascara
“So many natural mascaras run, raccoon, and flake, but this one is awesome,” Dickinson says. $20


Kosås Weightless Lip Color in Rosewater
Build this lipstick from a sheer stain to a powerful matte—without drying out your skin. $28