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    10 Gift Ideas for the Fashionable

    10 gift ideas for the fashionable featuring orgaid's organic sheet masks. article from 5280 Denver's Magazine

    The holidays are supposed to be a season full of cheer, but sometimes shopping can be downright dreadful. If you’re going the fashion route this season, you’ll really need to zero-in on the recipient’s taste and style; otherwise, you risk looking like you’re not paying attention (not good) or offending (worse). Here are a few fashionable gift ideas that are sure to make your loved ones merry this season.


    Orgaid's Anti-Aging Moisturizing Organic Sheet Mask $22

    If you’re going to give a beauty product, try a stocking stuffer that you and your closest gal pals can do together. Try Orgaid’s Anti-Aging Moisturizing Organic Sheet Mask for it’s all-natural ingredients (it’s even USDA certified). Orgaid’s version even uses Ecoderma fabric, which adheres easily to the face and allows for the skin to better absorb the hydrating serum. Buy a 6-pack to give to your mom and sisters, and host a spa evening with the girls over the holidays.


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