the ultimate guide to treating "maskne"

The Ultimate Guide to Treating "Maskne"

the ultimate guide to treating "maskne"
determining if it is acne: reaction to dead skin and clogged pores created by moisture in mask from breathing. acne will be pus filled pimples (whiteheads), blackheads, pustules, or papsules. focus: antibacterial. determining if it is dermatitis: inflammation caused by allergens (type of mask fabric) and irritants (mask rubbing against skin). dermatitis presents as a rash that is sometimes itchy. focus: soothing (but avoiding oils which dermatitis does not like)
acne cleanse: indie lee brightening cleanser. "it's so bright I have to wear shades! this cleanser leaves my skin so baby soft, brightened and clean. it's a bonus that it smells like yummy strawberries."
acne mask: tata harper clarifying mask. "my favorite mask! this mask does it all! it works beautifully to clarify my skin, and it doesn't dry or irritate at all."
acne moisturize: osea blemish balm. "miracle product! this product (osea blemish balm) changes my life! seriously! I'll be back :)"
dermatitis cleanse: osmia black clay facial soap. "this has truly helped with my peri-oral dermatitis. I won't use anything else! such a relief to avoid months of antibiotics and toxic face gel suggested by my dermatologist. Thank you, thank you!"
dermatitis cleanse (part 2): one love cleansing sponge - bamboo charcoal. note from kathryn- I used this with the osmia black clay soap to treat my dermatitis, it helped get rid of any flakey skin and added an extra bit of soothing cleansing.
dermatitis moisturize: cv skinlabs calming moisture. "love this product. it really helps calm my sensitive skin around the eye area with dermatitis. highly recommend it!!!"
K.I.S.S. remember to keep it simple and soothing. irritated skin may react poorly to harsh treatments or too many steps, so keep your regimen short and simple during an inflammation episode.

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