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    #relationshipgoals sharing is caring. couples who green beauty together stay togetherwant another way to be #relationshipgoals? share some of your products with your boo! both men and women need to wash, hydrate, treat, and protect their skin and hair, and why not use products that both of you will love?! Save some space in the bathroom and show your boo that sharing a beauty regimen can be beneficial. check out some of our tried and true products that both sexes will love and enjoy!1. cleanser: foaming cleanser from suki 2. moisturizer: advanced protection cream from osea 3. spf: mineral sunscreen from suki4. shampoo and conditioner. classic shampoo and conditioner from rahua5. body wash: black currant and peppermint body wash from MIG6. body lotion: body repair lotion from cv skinlabs
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