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    How to Do an At Home Manicure

    how to do an at home manicure
    1. clean and file. remove existing polish, wash hands, thoroughly dry hands and nails, file nails to desired shape. pictured: calm down body wash from plant apothecary
    2. cuticles. soften cuticles by massaging with the Maya Chia Waterless Wonder Balm and then GENTLY push back with a cuticle tool. Tip: hands super dry from hand washing? Slather hands with the wonder balm and let rest for a while in warm gloves (or clean socks in a pinch:) before continuing.
    3. prep nail. Moisturizers can prevent polish from properly adhering to the nail.  Using a cotton round, gently remove excess moisturizer from the surface of the nail with nail polish remover
    4. prime. Use a base coat to provide a smooth surface for the nail color. pictured: aila base coat
    5. paint. Paint your nails using your favorite color.  I am usually a tried and true pale pink (Ms Martin is my go-to) during quarantine I have been having fun with colors like Blue Lagoon!
    6. top coat. Using the Better Than Gel top coat is the difference between my mani lasting 2-3 days and 1 1/2 weeks. It really is that great.
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