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    Find out how Kathryn healed her DermatitisūüĆü

    how I healed: dermatitis dermatitis is a common skin condition caused by inflammation of the skin. there are several different forms of dermatitis but all are caused by the skin reacting to allergens and irritants. dermatitis is usually characterized by red, itchy skin that can become blistered and weepy. "it started as some itchy dry bumps, creeping and swelling around one eye, that then spread to my other eye.""I tried different "remedies" I found on the web (eye gels, diaper cream) it just got angrier, and angrier and angrier!"I finally called the clean beauty dermatitis expert Dr. Sarah Villifranco, from Osmia, for advice (something I should have done on day one!) learned the most important advice on perioral dermatitis. it hates oil and loves water - I needed to stop using all of my favorite face oils which I had been slathering on to try and help it heal and start using lotions. These are the steps that finally helped my dermatitis heal...1. drink aloe juice: dermatitis is an inflammation that you can treat internally as well. this is the one step I thought made on overnight impact on healing. I was drinking around 8 ounces a day2. masking: technically more of a cleanser, the honey mud has honey which is a humectant and attracts water. it was soothing, provided physical relief to itching and burning and really helped to bring down the "anger" factor of the dermatitis. I would put it on first thing in the morning and let it sit for 30 minutes before getting in shower and rinsing thoroughly.3. cleansing: with 835 reviews and a 5 star rating, the osmia black clay soap is the not so secret weapon against dermatitis. I used the clay sponge with this soap to help get rid of flakey skin and for a little extra black clay oomph!4. moisturizing: I wanted the simplest formulation, lightest moisturizer to help heal and make sure as not to aggravate further with too many active ingredients.with this protocol, my dermatitis was significantly reduced in 3 weeks and entirely gone in a month with no recurrence since that time.
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