a special guest post from osmia founder Dr. Sarah Villafranco on Osmia and Earth Day. everyday Osmia incorporates sustainable, eco-conscious practices to help preserve and protect our environment. check out our blog to find out how.

Earth Day and Osmia - A Note from Osmia Founder Dr. Sarah Villafranco

The word Osmia is a reminder to notice the details of your life — the color of the sky, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the smell of the pine needles under your feet. We are always in awe of the absolute abundance our planet provides and we work hard to preserve and protect it.  
Dr. Sarah Villafranco, the founder of Osmia
Our founder, Dr. Sarah Villafranco, has researched, analyzed, and obsessed over making the most informed choices for our planet since starting the company in 2012. From our eco-conscious facility constructed of beetle-kill pine in Colorado, to our ethically sourced ingredients and biodegradable cellulose packaging tape — we know the details matter. We choose glass rather than plastic whenever possible.
osmia organics milky rose soap
Our hand-crafted soaps are wrapped in compostable paper and hemp twine. Our product boxes are made of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, ensuring they come from responsible, renewable sources. For shipping, our green goodies are then wrapped in recycled boxes and secured with eco-friendly resin labels. We hope the people of the world will choose to return to their senses with us - it's not always the easiest option to choose green, but it's the best one.
We want to help our planet feel healthy and beautiful and we’re committed to making a softer impact every day.
Check out Osmia's Instagram on Sunday, April 22nd for our exciting Earth Day news; learn how we can team up to make the world a little happier and healthier.

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