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    Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius Creamy Bubbling Cleanser With Fruit Enzymes and AHAs

    Antioxidant-rich face wash with superstar exfoliants (papaya and pomegranate extract, glycolic and lactic acid), and natural hydrators linoleic acid and ceramides that leave skin soft and silky. Wild actives nourish with essential vitamins.

    4 fl. oz / 118 ml

    What's inside:

    • Gentle exfoliants—papaya fruit extract, pomegranate fruit ferment extract, glycolic and lactic acids—refine skin texture, eliminating dead surface cells, dirt, and grime as it cleanses.
    • Humectants—hyaluronic acid, ceramides and linoleic acid — maintain the moisture barrier, ensuring skin feels nourished and soft.
    • Potent antioxidant—vitamin C —protects against free radical damage.
    Gluten Free
    Soy Free

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Product Junkie
    Cleans nicely, but a tad dying

    This is a nice daily facial cleanser. Downy take off my mascara, but that is the norm with natural products. I just wish it wasn’t drying. It will be great for the non- winter months. Good for sensitive skin


    Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius Creamy Bubbling Cleanser

    Danielle Bralley

    Gentle as always. I have combination skin and live in dry Colorado. This cleanser doesn't dry out my face like so many other brands & the scent is subtle enough for bedtime.

    lovely, but not really "bubbly"

    So I really like this cleanser - smells great, leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry. For some reason though when it said "bubbly" I was expecting more of that sudsy, oxygen mask kind of bubbles? Totally my own assumption so i'm not taking stars off, but if that's what you're imaging like i was, it's not that. It has a slight bubble. I like this one after I've taken my makeup off with an oil. I feel like it finishes the job and i've also used it to just take off light makeup and it did well.

    Molly Long
    Like, don't love.

    I love the smell of the product. It doesn't get nearly as bubbly as I believe it is described to be. It does a good job of making my face feel clean without feeling tight or dry. Love this brand and will continue to purchase other products!

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