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    Indie Lee Clarity Kit

    Purifying Face Wash to gently wash away makeup and impurities, COQ-10 Toner to hydrate and rebalance your skin's pH level. Active Oil Free Moisturizer to brighten and condition the skin.

    Purifying Face Wash 30ml tube

    CoQ10 Toner 30ml spray

    Active Oil Free Moisturizer 10ml

    Soy Free

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    irritated my skin and smelled

    Unfortunately the products irritated my super sensitive skin. I know this works for other people, just not me. The moisturizer also smelled horrible :(

    Great form Acne Prone Skin

    I was having the hardest time keeping my face hydrated and not making it break out. The cleanser and moisturizer did just the trick. I have gotten both of them in full size and my face is glowing.

    great for acne

    My sister is 21 and her skin randomly started breaking out with red bumps and cystic acne. She had been using Clinique skincare and it stopped working for whatever reason. She went thru some other brands and out of desperation was trying stuff from walmart, including cetaphil (cringe, that stuff is basically gasoline for your face). I've been trying to get her to clean up her routine for years and since nothing else worked, she finally caved. She was afraid of spending a lot of money for something else not to work so I bought this starter kit for her. It started working in a few days and had her back to normal in a couple weeks. She realized this brand isn't any more expensive than clinique and is now a convert. She especially loves the cleanser and toner.

    Great trial kit into the brand

    I really enjoyed everything from this kit! The cleaner is jelly like, and not stripping. The moisturizer and toner are the perfect duo for moisture and hydration. My skin definitely felt softer after a few days of use.

    Gave this a try-- glad I did!

    I bought this trial kit because I wanted to get real about my skin and start a routine. My research and the reviews that Indie Lee received pointed me in this direction and I'm so glad I tried it out! I have purchased the full size of everything and my morning and nightly routine is exclusively Indie Lee.

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