Our Safety Protocol

While AILLEA has always upheld the strictest of safety standards, during the time of COVID we are going above and beyond what is required to keep you and our teams safe.  We know that many of our customers are pregnant, taking care of elderly parents, cancer survivors or immunocompromised. We take your health and ours incredibly seriously. As such we are taking very stringent steps to ensure everyone's health and wellness as we transition back to opening. Below are our standards for our retail stores. This will be updated as we look to open our spa rooms.



  • We clean all surfaces between customers
  • We ask that when you are in the store that you ask the team to provide samples. (the less people that touch everything, the better off we are)
  • Same for pulling products in the drawers, we are happy to assist you.


  • AILLEA will no longer accept cash payments.
  • All of our systems are set up to accept apple pay and google pay. Please consider using them.
  • We no longer require a signature on our ipad at checkout.
  • If the weather is warm enough, we will have all doors open so you will not need to touch the door handles to enter/exit.


  • Masks are required to enter the store.
  • Our team is washing their hands often and between customers, we ask that you do as well.  Please take advantage of our hand sanitizers at the front of the store or the sink in every store to wash your hands.
  • IF YOU ARE SICK STAY HOME.  This is for both our team and our customers.  
  • Kindly leave children and pets at home if you schedule a 1:1 appointment.