• Soy Vegan Cuticle Oil with Geranium


Soy Vegan Cuticle Oil with Geranium

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Cuticle oils are a necessary part of nail care during the hard cold winter months.
The oil penetrates deeply to help soften, heal and protect dry cracked cuticles.
As an aromatherapist i chose to use geranium oil for its therapeutic properties.
geranium is an antiseptic, anti inflammatory, cicatrisant ,fungicide,styptic and most of all an antidepressant. Winter is hard enough so while caring for your nails you are also uplifting your mood by just inhaling geranium.
I would definitely recommend Geranium in your skin care routine as well. 
It does regulate the hormonal system so i am not going to recommend it to be used during pregnancy.

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