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    Stacked Skincare Original Micro-Roller

    This gentle micro-exfoliating tool softens skin by removing dull, dead cells from the top layer of skin, giving it a smoother, plumper, and firmer appearance. Safe for at-home use, our roller contains .2mm stainless steel needles to gently and effectively boost your natural glow. With regular use, it helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, leaving you with luminous, healthy-looking skin. 

    3-5 times a week, apply a Serum to your cleansed face and neck, then gently roll the Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller™ over skin vertically, horizontally and diagonally (rolling over each side of face, chin, lips, forehead and neck). Apply another layer of Serum to your face and neck, then finish with the moisturizer of your choice.


    • Consult doctor or dermatologist before using.
    • After using the roller, disinfect it using boiled water or 91% alcohol. Submerge the roller head in small cup or bowl for 5 minutes and allow to fully dry before placing in its storage container.
    • Do NOT force the roller into the skin, but rather roll it back and forth over the entire treatment area using mild, even pressure.
    • Caution: Do not share roller with anyone.
    • Do not use roller if you have any of the following conditions: irritated or infected skin, active acne, rosacea, eczema, raised moles or warts, psoriasis or keratosis. If you are not sure about using roller, consult a skincare professional before use. If you experience any skin sensitivity, stop using the roller and consult a skincare professional.
    • Store roller after use in the supplied box for maximum hygiene and safety.
    • Replace roller after 3 months use 
    • Keep out of reach of children.


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