• BS003 Perfume Oil


BS003 Perfume Oil

$ 58.00


Dry woods mix with crisp citrus notes and sweet Bergamot to produce this effervescent yet balanced fragrance. This scent is beautifully suited for men and women alike and moves between seasons seamlessly.

A truly androgynous scent inspired by the fresh farm fields and expansive ocean beaches of the Hamptons. Our signature essential oil blend is infused in a base of USDA organic cane alcohol that is triple distilled for purity.


"This scent makes you feel at peace, comfortable, relaxed and sophisticated at the same time. I’ve never experienced anything quite similar to the BS003 Eau de Toilette. I was left completely in adoration, loving the sweet and citrusy edge of this natural fragrance." - Gluten Free Love

INGREDIENTS: Custom blend of essential oils


 0.20   oz / 6mL

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